InterMedia Summer School 2009
supported by the InterMedia NoE
organized by MIRALab - University of Geneva

The workshop will take place in Crete, Greece
on June 09-12, 2009


This summer school brings together researchers and students of the European research community in order to debate contemporary issues in user-centric media. The main emphasis of this summer school is on providing PhD/MSD support for young European scholars, through a variety of working forms, including colloquium, tutorial, interdisciplinary discussion as well as EU-related projects in the user-centric media research domain.
This summer school will provide a rigorous training in both the theoretical and applied aspects of user-centric media which includes three major domains (networking, interfaces, and multimedia handling and adaptation). It will also deal with meaningful user evaluations methodologies on the user-centric media applied to real world.
It also promotes interaction between especially students and professionals in user-centric multimedia. It will provide doctoral students with the opportunity to present their work to senior faculty and experienced researchers in a setting that is relatively informal but that allows intellectual exchanges. It will encourage students for interdisciplinary studies in scope of user-centric multimedia. Students can participate in any tutorial and discussion sessions and exchange knowledge in different domains.
This summer school also generates a clear picture of the international landscape of user-centric media research, and its diversity of academic cultures, allowing PhD/MSD students to situate themselves within this academic field.


The program is being organized by InterMedia NoE and will include lectures, paper presentations, and EU-related project presentations in the scope of user-centric multimedia:

  • Dynamic networking for user-centric multimedia
  • Mobile and wearable interfaces
  • Multimedia content adaptation and handling
  • User evaluations on networked media


Paper submission: May 10, 2009
Authors notification: May 25, 2009
InterMedia Summer School: June 09-12, 2009